valCheck PRO

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Our lender grade AVM (Automated Valuation Model). It is powered by our proprietary dynamic house price index (DPI) and sophisticated set of parameters backed by our best-in-class data, to return the most accurate and reliable estimation every time. It uses mathematical techniques and algorithms to provide an estimate of value accompanied by a comprehensive report highlighting valuation methods and a statistical measure of confidence in the accuracy of the result.

valCheck Pro can instantly calculate an accurate estimation for an individual residential property or an entire property portfolio, allowing lenders to transform the way they manage risk and streamline their lending process. For instance, lenders can have valCheck Pro at their fingertips to estimate timely marked to market loan to values for the purposes of remortgages and top ups, when a loan becomes ailing or in case of adverse or positive market circumstances, to name a few.     

We are able to provide lenders with marked-to-market valuations at a property, portfolio and geography levels, securely, with lower costs and faster timelines.

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