Intelligence Platform – PMiQ

Use our platform and initiative tools to access the most detailed and up-to-date property data available. PMiQ is a SaaS-based (software as a service) product suite that leverages Property Monitor™ core database — the most comprehensive collection of cleansed, augmented, and curated data available in the local real estate industry.

The PMiQ platform is geared towards various industry segments:

  • Real estate brokers that want to stay up-to-date on market trends and stay ahead of competition.
  • Valuers that want the most up-to-date comparable market evidence to use in valuation reports.
  • Developers that want to understand market dynamics, competitor position and manage future projects in line with market demand.

PMiQ puts the data at your fingertips and allows for data driven advice, reporting, and decision making.


Comparable Data

The UAE’s largest source of transferred sales, pending sales (MOU/SPAs), rental contracts, mortgage transactions, valuations, and property listing data provided in near real-time the same day the transactions occurs.

Projects, Buildings and Unit Data

Detailed breakdown of the composition of projects and buildings by unit mix, unit typology, bedroom count, built-up-area, views, features and amenities. Access our comprehensive media library of floorplans, cluster maps, payment plans, project brochures, and digital media assets.

Service Charge Data

Annual service charge rates for jointly owned properties in Dubai. Know a project’s shared expenses and utilise to calculate net yields on over 2,000 development projects.

Project and Supply

View total existing housing supply and track new development project launches, status of projects under construction, and anticipated project completions.

Market Statistics and Analytics

Interactive statistics and analytics for residential and commercial transferred sales and rental contracts. Dive deep into the data using a wide array of filters and dynamic charts.

Indices and Trends

The Property Monitor™ Dynamic Price Index (DPI) are the next generation family of indices that utilize our unparalleled vast pool of historic datasets and proprietary algorithms. The indices dynamically repopulate should any new datapoint or datasets become available and provide the most responsive time series available in the market.

Reports and Tools

Area Pricing

Create custom co-branded reports for their clients using Property Monitor™ data, statistics and advance analytics. Reports can be customised for sellers, buyers and investors.

Comparable Market Analysis

Create an instant Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report for an in-depth analysis of a property value in today’s market by examining the price of similar properties which have been on the market or recently sold in the same area.

Lease Date Calculator

Create sample rent cheques for tenants, including beneficiary, due dates and amounts, to simplify the rent payment process.

Community Price Trends

Download sales and rental house price indices for most communities in Dubai.

Yield Calculator

Determine the property rental yield based on property value and associated costs.

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