Property Monitor and Holo Ink Partnership Bringing Innovation Into The Mortgage Process

DUBAI, UAE – JULY 15 2022: Property Monitor, the market leading provider of real estate data intelligence, property valuation and automation solutions, have announced a strategic partnership with Holo, the UAE’s leading experts in online mortgage brokerage, to provide home finance customers with an instant estimate of the value of a property they are looking to purchase.

The new partnership will mark a significant enhancement to the digital mortgage journey as it will allow Holo customers to benefit from valCheck–Property Monitor’s newly released automated valuation model (AVM)–which enables them to make more informed decisions and expedites the mortgage application process.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Holo on the integration of our AVM with their platform. This will provide homebuyers with a quick, data-driven, and unbiased estimate of a property’s value at the early stages of the mortgage application process” said Zhann Jochinke, COO Property Monitor. “This tool is also invaluable in assisting Holo’s mortgage experts to find the right product for their clients in the shortest possible time. We look forward to partnering with Holo on further innovation in the near future.”

Commenting on the announcement, Holo CEO Michael Hunter said, “Integrating the Property Monitor AVM across our platforms will provide a real value-add for our clients, allowing them the ability to check property prices before committing to a purchase, safeguarding them against valuations which could be lower than expected, resulting in them potentially losing their deposit on a home. The AVM also enables home buyers to be in a stronger position to better negotiate the purchase price or accept bridging the gap with the purchase price, by committing to a higher down payment. The upside of using this advanced technology will ensure a significant reduction in resubmissions for both client and lender alike, resulting in an increased accuracy which will drive efficiency in the mortgage journey like never before.” 

valCheck was designed to deliver fast, reliable, and cost-effective information to homebuyers as well as provide a quality check on submissions to lenders. In addition, it will help expedite approvals in principal and accuracy when completing fact finds and applying for mortgages and ultimately help to improve the mortgage journey as a whole.